MAY 16-18

Royal International Convention Centre

Fortitude Valley, Australia


Technology needs more than just a human face.
It deserves a myriad of them.

Once a year, we gather the world’s most influential thinkers and tinkerers, entrepreneurs and experts, rebels and renegades in beautiful Queensland, Australia. Together, we aim to push the world forward, one essential question at a time.

Myriad is as much an inclusive cultural experiment, as it is an inspiring technological marvel. A celebration of the human beings who find themselves at the uncertain intersections of culture and industry and choose to make a difference.

We represent infinite colours and shapes, but what we all have in common is a relentless pursuit of shared learning, a search for meaning behind our actions, and the acceptance of people using technology to improve the world.

So come, join our little gathering. After all… Rebellion is only the beginning of revolution.


“There's something very special happening here at Myriad”



May 16-18, 2018

After a sold-out debut event, Myriad returns to beautiful Queensland, Australia in 2018.

Featuring founders, investors, thought leaders and senior executives from some of the most influential brands on the planet, Myriad 2018 is where Australia meets the future.

Our program is designed to engage curious minds in a variety of unique formats, including;

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Keynote Presentations

Fireside Conversations

Panel Discussions

Intimate Workshops

Powerful Masterclasses

Networking Opportunities

Live Performances & EPIC Parties

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Level up at Myriad 2018

The speed of technological evolution can be overwhelming at the best of times. Ideas and buzzwords become outdated before we've even learned what they mean, let alone understanding how it might actually affect our lives.

That's why our program is designed to view technology through the lens of everyday experiences and passion points we can all connect with. From the Future of Cities, to the Future of Work and Food, our team work tirelessly year-round to curate content for every one of our audience members.

Whether you're brand new to Bitcoin or a startups savant, Myriad 2018 has something for you. 


Exploring the future of...


01. Cities

As our population grows and the planet warms up, humans are moving more than ever before. From autonomous vehicles to designing cities on Mars, technology plays an increasingly important role in the way we interact with the places we live.



We spend more than $6.5 Trillion (USD) on healthcare globally each year, yet many people are unable to receive the treatment they so desperately need. From designer babies to mental health chatbots, this is about better outcomes for everyone.


03. FOOD

With the world population expected to hit 8.5 billion in 2030, food demand will rise by 50 per cent in the next 15 years. With a world class agricultural economy, Australia is uniquely placed to take advantage of changing tastes from all over the world.



As the primary source of value exchange in today's world, no other industry on earth has experienced a faster rate of technological disruption. And now, with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin becoming mainstream conversation, it's only speeding up.


05. WORK

The robots are coming and it's time we understood exactly what that will mean for our jobs and knowledge in general. Covering everything from education to leadership and every step in between.


06. PLAY

With global video game sales topping the $100B mark, the future of screen based play is extremely bright. But what effect is this having on our bodies and our brains? The future of play explores the world through a creative lens.



If culture is defined by a society's collective ideas, customs and behaviour, then what does our culture say about us? Whether you're a maker or a breaker, we could all use a little more culture in our lives.



Yep, the rumours are true.

Direct from Silicon Valley, we've got a plane stacked to the wings with some of the world's most innovative entrepreneurs, investors, media and VIP's. 

We're even giving away one seat every month, so if you want to join this once-in-a-lifetime experience, do it fast.


MYRIAD will sell out (AGAIN). DON'T wait!

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