We’ve curated a unique list of local and international speakers who are inspiring investment, innovation and impact around the world using technology and a general sense of badass-ness. Talk about international intelligence and Aus-mentored reality.

Annie Parker

CEO - Fishburners

Anu Jain

Founder - XPRIZE Foundation

Ari Eisenstat

Founder & CEO - Dræm Ventures Global

Atlanta Daniels

Venture Capitalist - Blue Sky Capital

Boris Silver

Co-Founder - Funders Club

Dr. Larry Marshall


Dr. Raghav Murali-Ganesh

Co-Founder & COO - Canceraid

Jacqueline Garavente

Venture Capitalist - Union Square Ventures

Jeremy Bloom

World Champion & Entrepreneur - Integrate

Jody Medich

Design Director - Singularity U Labs

Karla Ballard Williams

Co-Founder & CEO - Ying

Naveen Jain

Founder - Moon Express

Rod Drury

Founder & CEO - Xero

Taryn Williams

Founder & CEO - The Right Fit

Tony Conrad

Founder & Partner - True Ventures

Zephanii Smith

National Council - UN Association

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